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About Adagators

Adagators is a collection of 3500 algorithmically generated unique NFTs, on Cardano Blockchain.

The solution came too late for many species. The humans had darkened the skies with smoke, cut noisy roads through the forests, and paved over green swamps with concrete and metal. The Earth had always seemed to absorb what they did to it, persevere, and continue to provide for them.

The tipping point finally came when the ecosystems began to visibly collapse, one after another. Species disappeared and crops stopped growing. The sea walls built to hold back the rising ocean made the coastline waters stagnant and unlivable for the native species. Every year the list of lost species was posted like a wartime casualty report...

Technical Details

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    29 July 2022 - 06:00 PM UTC
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    35 ADA
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