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About ASH Federation

Simians Federation is a collection NFTs monkeys – unique digital collectibles that live on the Cardano blockchain. Your monkey also serves as a Federation membership card and gives you access to member benefits. Areas and future benefits can be unlocked by the community through the activation of the roadmap.

FAIR DISTRIBUTION (BONDING CURVES ARE A PONZI) There are no bonding curves here Buying a Simians costs 35 ₳da . There are no price levels joining ASHF costs everyone the same price.

Each NFT is assembled from hand-drawn elements through the power of algorithms. Here is an overview of over 100 possible traits. 277 monkeys are retained from the sale.
These will be used for gifts, puzzle rewards and airdrops.

Technical Details

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  • Mint Day
    10 June 2022 - 08:00 PM UTC
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  • Price
    48 ADA
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