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About BeezHive

A first of its kind NFT project with a real life utility dedicated to saving the bees. Limited number of the BeezHive NFT holders will have the chance to own an actual real life beehive.

The BeezHive is a collection of initial 5,000 unique and computer-generated NFTs giving you a real chance of owning a beehive with your own name tag and under 24 hour surveillance which you'll have online access to. The best part is that you will get to taste the sweet organic honey which your beehive will produce.

For thousands of years bees have been living in peace and harmony until the inevitable happened:
A large species threatened their natural habitat through the use of pesticides and the sealing of green spaces through development. These circumstances forced the bees to fight for their survival. War broke out between the bee colonies and the new species, the Homo Sapiens. Sadly, the bees are about to lose this significant war. Their intention was not to rule over the world, they simply wanted to defend their habitat and keep playing the important role in the global ecosystem. When the Homo sapiens recognized this, the bee population had already been in pretty bad conditions. Fortunately, there is the BeezHive community who supports the queen bee and her workers to save their world and fight back against the irresponsible human beings. The BeezHive community is here to grow and strengthen the bee population by building over 1,000 beehives in the most beautiful parts of the world in our initial steps.

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    08 March 2023 - 05:00 PM UTC
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