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About Boss Badger Club

The Boss Badgers Squad is a collection of 111 unique Boss Badgers NFT having built their burrow on the Cardano blockchain.

Each Boss Badger is unique and randomly generated with a variety of attributes from more than 80 traits, including furs, outfits, headwear, and much more.

All badgers are boss, but some are rarer than others depending on the nature and number of attributes they bear. That being said, there are a few badgers that are even rarer but they usually hide deep inside the burrow. Explore and you might stumble upon one.

We have a big vision that we will make a reality over the course of 3 dedicated phases. The 3 phases loosely translate to: build a strong community, create the DAO infrastructure and create the Cardroom/Casino experience.

Technical Details

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    13 April 2022 - 05:00 PM UTC
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    39 ADA
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