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About Crypto Blinders

CRYPTO BLINDERS is a collection of 4181 NFTs launching soon on the Cardano Blockchain. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and drawn with entrepreneurs in mind. The goal is to accumulate wealth through crypto.

The NFTs will grant access to our exclusive Discord channels where early money-making opportunities will be shared. 5% of sales will be used for floor buybacks below mint price & 15% will be reserved for further community development.

Future areas, perks and more utility will be added overtime as the community grows.
Born from a special type of energy – the money consciousness, came the Crypto Blinders. They were summoned from the Golden Fibonacci Ratio Metaverse subconsciously, by a few persistent mortals of earth whose goal is to accumulate wealth in abundance.

Each blinder was uniquely created and linked to each other via the perfect fibonacci number: 4181. This number holds a universal code that strengthens the bond of each blinder in a cult-like manner, and ensures their inevitable success in the crypto metaverse. They are here to seek, find and seize every crypto opportunity that leads to wealth without hesitation!

Technical Details

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    29 March 2022 - 06:00 PM UTC
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    45 ADA
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