Cunning Foxes

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About Cunning Foxes

Clean Art, cool founders, hip community three things that defines Cunning Foxes in Cardano.

Cunning Foxes are here to bring out the best vibes, best community, clean art and a brand. We are not just an average NFT project, we are a brand here in Cardano.

At cunning Foxes CNFT, we are not just producing wack merch like Tee, hoodies, and sweatshirts, WE are changing the game, we will be producing exclusive merch for example rings, skateboards, pendulums, necklaces, bongs, guitars, shades, playing cards, belts, socks, pocket squares and many more.

Our aim from this project is to unite web 2 and web 3 enthusiasts, we will be a street ware brand that revolves around NFTs as the median in between, own a Cunning FOX NFT, and be an entitled brat to the street ware culture that we proudly represent.

Technical Details

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    30 July 2022 - 08:00 PM UTC
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    60 ADA
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