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About CurseBirds

We are determined to deliver a project that brings laughter to the CNFT space, drives the mass adoption of CNFTs and to ensure that every supporter of the CurseBirds project is being rewarded for being a part of the CurseBirds community.

CurseBirds is a flock of five birds who grew up to be true assholes. They are birds blasting curse words!
​CurseBirds CNFT Is a visionary CNFT collection aiming for an active and open community. Together we will build a brand worthy of the CNFT space.

We want to offer a fun and activity-driven game (in real life!) while driving the mass adoption of (your) CNFTs.
We are working on an innovative game where players are able to display their own CurseBirds CNFT to the worldwide public. Players who enter the game will be part of the CurseBirds Watchers Club.

Technical Details

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    18 March 2022 - 07:00 PM UTC
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    25 ADA
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