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About Degen Bunnies

IT’S BUNNY TIME. DegenBunnies is a PfP collection of 6’666 bunnies that bring fun & creativity in a hopping way to Cardano. Through our degen veins flows carrot juice and we are here to write and shape the CNFT & Web3 success story. Go down the bunny hole to find your spot among your friends in the legendary bunny lounge. A new CNFT era has just begun.

We are a team consisting of six friends, who love people and NFTs. The largest part of our team is based in Europe.

Our background is in graphic design, strategy consulting, software engineering, research and marketing. We are part of the CNFT history and early members of the SpaceBudz, ChilledKongs and BossCatRocket Club community – and of many more.

Now, it is our time to help write and shape the CNFT & Web3 success story. Not with a meaningless roadmap.
But based on discussions within the community,

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    15 September 2022 - 04:00 PM UTC
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    45 ADA
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