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About GearHeads

GearHeads. More than an NFT. More than an idea. A whole interactive animated series. Mint your own character. Your own part in our animation. Let your GearHead become a star!

Gearheads is a CNFT that is designed to create an interactive, utility based community where GearHead owners can see their artwork come to life via a cartoon digitalised experience.

Our team consists of 4 members, each with significant experience on the Cardano blockchain and cryptocurrency in general. We believe NFTs are the future.
GearHeads was the perfect NFT for us; all of the team are huge mechanical fans and one of our team was a former mechanic, and we believe a short animated series centered around a car garage would be a major hit!

Technical Details

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    09 April 2022 - 08:00 PM UTC
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    50 ADA
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