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About League Of Lions

League of Lions is an interactive NFT digital art collection, being built on the Cardano blockchain. Featuring a storyline and gaming collection that develop over time, we aim to create real value not only from our detailed artwork, but also from the living entity created, wherein the community play an active and ongoing role in dictating the evolution of the project itself.

The founders of League of Lions come from lifelong backgrounds in advertising, investments, business creation and business management. They are experienced in crypto/blockchains, and passionate about the individual empowerment this revolutionary technology has enabled. Both founders were heavily involved in multiple crypto projects prior to creating League of Lions together.

The Lifetime Pass is a collection of 1,000 3D NFT utility tokens created on the Cardano blockchain and the beginning of the circle of life in the League of Lion's ecosystem. Holding this exclusive ticket guarantees you all of the following:

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    02 September 2022 - 12:00 PM UTC
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    100 ADA
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