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About Reaperz Club

Reaperzclub is a collection of 4,000 randomly generated NFTs in the cardano blockchain with over 150+ traits. Our goal is to be the most significant blue chip project in the cardano space! We would like to present you our plans made by our team!

We were working with our artist day by day to provide you the first series of our Reaperz. Deciding on 150+ traits were a challenging task but all in all I'm sure we could make traits for many different taste.

I'm sure everyone knows that the art is not everything in a good project, we also would like to add utilities to make value to our project and make the best community that has ever existed! I remember each of you who were with us from the begining and thank you for everyone who give us trust and staying on our side.

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    15 April 2022 - 09:00 PM UTC
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    45 ADA
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