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About The Chronibblers

Having a good time at a garden party in the 90s, one of the Chronibblers accidentally nibbled a crack into spacetime. The curious fluffle was lured by the delicious smell of raspberry pie and got too close. Arriving in 2022 they‘re looking for snacks and a garden to hang out as they realize the world has changed. Surrounded by the problems of our time the Chronibblers decided to get to work. Fixing spacetime might be too difficult but maybe they can fix our present and future…

Our Project focuses on sustainability – both online and offline. That is why we chose the Cardano blockchain and aim to become a single stakepool operator to improve decentralization of the network.
We want to find new friends and build up an inclusive community that’s actively involved in the direction of this project and shares our values. Royalties of our collection will be used to support sustainable projects in the real world chosen by regular community polls.

The Chronibblers are hungry for change! Are you?

Technical Details

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    18 June 2022 - 05:00 PM UTC
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    75 ADA
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