The Summoner's Guild

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About The Summoner's Guild

The Summoner’s Guild is a Play & Earn project consisting of 101 creatures. Our goal is to create an augmented reality app integrated with NFTs. Where you will be able to catch, evolve, fight, earn tokens etc wherever you are. The Creatures are 3D animated (voxel), already rigged and Metaverse ready.

This first drop is 50 creatures into 4444 NFTs including 24 unique 1/1s.

On planet “VOVO” reside a guild of skilled summoners with a never ending thirst for knowledge. They possess powerful magic and thanks to their spellbooks, are able to summon legendary creatures to their aid. After thousands of years of roaming the universe, they decided to invade Earth and its metaverses in quest of finding new spells.

Technical Details

  • Blockchain
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    11 October 2022 - 04:00 PM UTC
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    40 ADA
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