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About Werewolf World

Werewolf World is a community driven PFP CNFT project. Here at Werewolf World we set high standards with the goal to one day be the number 1 PFP project on Cardano.

Despite us being a PFP project we still aim to add as much value & utility to our NFT collection as we can. We will work with the community to further develop our roadmap as the project contiunes to grow.

Join the wolfpack today & help us to build something special. German scientists have been working on an advanced strain of performance enhancers with an aim to create the next super soldier that will help win them the war. With the war reaching tipping point, the scientists have been ordered to accelerate their work. They have no choice but to move on to human trials. The subject, a French soldier, a prisoner of war, also known as…. patient 0.

Technical Details

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    02 September 2022 - 03:00 PM UTC
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    25 ADA
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