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The most advanced NFT calendar on the planet.

Who Are We?

WenftDrops is the most advanced and updated NFT calendar in the market. WenftDrops is not just a calendar but a tool to support collectors and communities in making strategic decisions and developers to reach their audience at the same time.
We believe that by bringing innovative functionalities into the NFT space, we can move the ecosystem in a positive direction while keeping it exciting!
What makes WenftDrops different than any other NFT calendar on the planet? Let's find out what we offer that others don't.
We are the first community-driven NFT Calendar on the planet.
We provide social, market and growth analytics that no one else does.
We always listen to our users to keep them safe and updated.
We provide the most authentic and accurate information than anyone else.
We don't hang paid projects all over the place in the name of promotions.
We don't send spam in the name of marketing.

Here are 3 steps to
explain how WenftDrops works.

How does it Work?

It's pretty simple! Developers list their projects by giving the required information, and the moderators of WenftDrops review their requests. If a listing meets the requirements, it gets published. Otherwise, we send the application back to the developer for further clarification. In the end, if a project does not meet the minimum listing requirements and the developers fail to comply, the listing request gets declined.

Once a project gets listed on WenftDrops, we automatically create an account for the developer, allowing them to keep their project information updated all the time, something no other NFT calendar in the market does at this time.

Once a project gets approved, it becomes available right away for the users of WenftDrops to explore. We provide several kinds of matrix including the Social Growth Matrix of Twitter and Discord Server. Furthermore, to ensure our users don't miss the mint day, we have a feature called mint alert, which allows users to receive an email alert before a drop goes live.

If there are any suspicious activities of a project, users can file reports against a project. Our moderators always look for user feedback and take appropriate actions if necessary.

We are determined to bring innovation and excitement to the world of NFT and the NFT calendar. Stay with us to be amazed.

Buy us a Coffee ☕

WenftDrops is a result of the long road, full of sleepless nights, working after hours, and busy weekends.

We don't have a large company that sits behind and is continuously paying for hours spent on development, maintenance, and server costs. We primarily rely on the goodness ❤️ of the people.

However, we are determined to make this application even more powerful and provide more accurate and updated information. If you would like to help up with the process, you can donate some ADA to the following address:


If you fell in love with WenftDrops, or you believe you benefited from WenftDrops, consider donating its development to ensure the longevity of this project. Also, your support could help us to work more on content that might benefit the whole CNFT community.

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