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About ADA Elementz

ADA Elementz started as a community-led revival project from the former community manager and artist of ADA Clouds. The initial purpose of the project is to bring value and utility to the investors of the former ADA Clouds project but over time we hope to build a healthy ecosystem for many types of investors and gamers.

Phase 1 will focus on our Season 1 CNFT collection, the creation and initial circulation of our tokens, and the groundwork for providing value to multiple investors.

Season 1 will consist of four elemental CNFT drops with a supply of 1k each. Each of these drops will be spaced out by 1-2.5 months. Rather than adding even more saturation, our intent is to replace the current ADA Cloud art with higher quality individually rendered art, with an elemental theme. We would like to finish these as fast as possible but we also want to ensure a high quality collection. At the end of Season 1 the remaining clouds will be exchanged for the same clouds but under a new policy ID with royalties that will be of greater benefit to the staff and community.

Each drop will require an “OG” ADA Cloud to be exchanged and a specific mint price, to receive the desired elemental tokens and the equivalent NFT. There will be various opportunities for earning tokens as can be seen in our detailed roadmap on the discord server. There will be five token types Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and finally Essence, which will be the most rare. Holders will be able to check their token balance, withdraw their elemental tokens for a 2 ADA fee, and exchange their tokens for Essence tokens on our website. By the end of Phase 1, we hope to have a merch shop available.

Phase 2 will focus on the launch of our Season 2 Space-themed CNFTs to secure funding for the creation of our Digital Card Battle Game. All the art will be inspired by our CNFTs. Our goal is to create a fair and balanced collectible card battle game that will be free to play with a starter pack available to all interested parties.

Members who acquire our tokens, either through long-term holding and/or staking of our CNFTs and those who swap ADA for our tokens, will be able to purchase additional in-game card packs based on our CNFTs. For example: Fire tokens may be required for the purchase of a card pack that has a high probability to feature rare fire cards. Earth and water tokens may be required to purchase a card pack that predominantly features cards with these elements and so on.

It would be entirely possible to hold only “OG” ADA Clouds (exchanged for the new policy ID), collect Elemental tokens, exchange them for Essence, swap them for ADA, and never play the game. It would also be possible to hold none of our NFTs and simply buy the appropriate amount of Essence to purchase card packs. Our intent is to give investors as many choices as possible and create a fun, communal experience that will also include tournaments and prizes.

We believe that creating a truly fun and competitive gaming experience as well as integrating our in-game tokens will not only help keep the ADA Elementz Community-engaged but will also be instrumental in helping the CNFT space branch out into other communities and attract new members, which is essential for the longevity of every CNFT project.☁️⛰️??⭐

Technical Details

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    02 May 2022 - 10:00 PM UTC
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    15 ADA
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