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About ADA Exotics

ADA Exotics is a digital art and Cardano NFT collection aimed at capturing the beauty of some of the most majestic animals we share the earth with! Our unique concept for the first series combines the half-faces of animals together, forming a complete face and resulting in truly eye-catching designs. Our second series has been turned into 3D art and will be released in April 2022.

We are a two person team in the UK with a passion for exotic wildlife! Through our CNFT project, we hope to raise awareness for these animals, many of which are endangered, or on the verge of being so. We hope you enjoy the art and the animals as much as we do! This is all for a good cause–see below for more details about our mission.

Unfortunately, most of these animals are in great need of help and face an uncertain future. This is the inspiration behind our project! Our mission is to spread awareness about these animals and to raise money for animal charities that help to protect wildlife across the globe.

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