ADA Ninjaz: Daisuke

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About ADA Ninjaz: Daisuke

After 2 sold-out seasons ADA Ninjaz brings you its 3rd clan and drop: The Daisuke. The Daisuke clan will consist of 8,888 Live 2D (animated) auto-generated NFTs and includes a music file, an MP4 and a still image in the subfiles.

Price: 60 ADA (ADA Ninjaz holders will receive up to 20% off). Pricing structure: Each Ninja from previous seasons = 1% off. Ie. 1 Ninja you hold = 1% off, up to 20+ Ninjaz = 20% off (So a Ninjaz holder of 20+ Ninjaz will only need 48 ADA to buy a Daisuke).

Where once there were talks of a united Ninava, there now run deep rivers of distrust. Where once there was communication, the shaking of hands and spirited toasts to health and longevity, there is now hollow silence. Their discordant ways of life, their clashing cultures and divided philosophies has torn the three Ninavian clans further and further apart.

Technical Details

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    21 May 2022 - 08:00 PM UTC
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  • Price
    60 ADA
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