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About ADAApes3D

ADA Punks Society is a multi collection project on the Cardano blockchain. We are currently realising our second collection ADAApes3D! Join our discord to be a part of our amazing community :)

ADA Punk Society is a multi-collection project with a vision to sustain and help build the cNFT community, with high-quality projects that reward holders with staking rewards making it a great investment to every holder.

Our art is inspired by the original 3D Punk collection, making us the first 3D Punk collection on Cardano with our own unique touches. We are currently planning on releasing 4 Punk-inspired projects starting with our first collection ADAPunks3D, our second ADAApes3D, our third ADAWomen3D, and our fourth community decided project. Every collection will have its own touches making them all unique in their own way. Join the movement and sustain the cNFT community.

Technical Details

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    24 April 2022 - 06:00 PM UTC
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    50 ADA
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