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About Adaki

Adaki is a Web3 brand with a gamified ecosystem on the Cardano Blockchain, dedicated to exploring the endless possibilites of blockchain technology!

Welcome to Adaki - the ultimate web3 brand on the Cardano Blockchain. Our name is derived from ADA (currency of the Cardano Blockchain) and KI (Japanese term meaning energy) - and that's exactly what we bring to the NFT space.

Our passionate community is dedicated to exploring the endless possibilities of blockchain technology and building the web3 universe. Adaki is the ultimate expression of our vision! With our extensive story and cutting-edge web3 content, we're revolutionizing the world of NFTs and bringing the Cardano Blockchain to life like never before. Join us and experience the power of Adaki - the perfect fusion of blockchain technology and creative energy.

Technical Details

  • Blockchain
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    22 April 2023 - 08:00 PM UTC
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  • Price
    75 ADA
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