Baby Buddha Tribe

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About Baby Buddha Tribe

Welcome to the Baby Buddha CNFT. We are a collection of 2789 unique CNFT's designed and created by our Buddhism inspired artist. Each art piece will hold its own values and messages bringing bright energy to your NFT collection.

In terms of utility we are in the process of designing some 3D NFT tokens to airdrop to the community as well as searching for game developers to help us create a platform where our BB Holders can compete for ADA which we will provide from the projects royalties.

Where not only offering digital utility for our holders but also some physical Utility as our artist is in the process of painting some hand made oil canvas for the luckiest minters and where also in the process of talks with a clothing manufacturer about making some cool baby Buddha merchandise.

Technical Details

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    03 May 2022 - 08:00 PM UTC
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    33 ADA
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