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About BackYard Boyz

This project is a community inspired/driven comic project. What does that mean? Well, the basic idea of the comic will come from the main team (which will grow but is currently just an artist Called Penkin that’s me) but deciding factors in the comic will be from the community. Things that will decided on by the community will be part of the story such as in season 1 an event will happen to the backyard boyz but… will it be A- An alien attack B- A Apocalyptic event C- they gain superpowers and what those super powers will be and so on. These will be the sort of questions that are asked to the community. So once the mint goes live and (if you choose to own 1) those who own a Backyard boys Nft will get voting rights on major developments of the story and thing that go on in the project.

There will be 500 of each character in season 1 = to 2,000 images. There are 4 main characters, and these will be the season 1 NFTS. With some extra characters that will come out in the future such as any villains or non-main story characters that are developed through the life cycle of the comic. They will also become an NFT and be given voting rights also.

We are currently working on the art mainly to get that done but alongside that we are working on the voting system and best way to implement that as well as what the best way to get the comic out to the holders is going to be. Feel free to contact us on the socials or join the discord! Below is our road map and we will update this as much as we can as we progress! We hope you like the project and choose to join in the fun. Check out some of the demo’s below as well to get a feel of what the art looks like.
Thanks, Penkin

Technical Details

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    06 May 2022 - 08:00 PM UTC
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    45 ADA
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