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A PFP project created to tell a story across races and planets in a distant galaxy. The first season tells the tales of Sork, a planet where the original race, Kibis, has been attacked by the Zian faction from planet Somir.

Kibis are trying to discover the true potential of the Blubits while protecting their queen, Niagra, a young Kibi who has been tasked with becoming.

13 million light years from Earth, outside the terrestrial limits, is located the Blub Galaxy, it is made up of 7 planets with more than 8 types of intelligent races that fight and destroy planets and themselves for greed and power.
Meet Sork

For years Sork was a planet abundant in minerals known as Blubits and was never at war, interplanetary negotiations made Sork and its inhabitants, Kibis, an emerging race among the guild of merchants, this peace was destroyed when research for weapons using Blubits reached other galaxies.

Kibis are a free, intelligent and altruistic race, loyal warriors with slender aspects, devoted to their technologies and passionate about Sork, they protect the energetic core with life to be able to maintain peace among the entire population of Kibis, even without commanding, they consider Nirgara the queen of Sork.

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