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About C_Bunnies

C_Bunnies is a project that explores the possibilities between physical and digital NFT art spaces. We hope we can bring you some joy through our bunnies and their stories.

The first mint will comprise 250 unique C_bunnies. 10% (25) will be Golden C_Bunnies and 90% (225) will be digital-only C_bunnies. A Golden C_Bunny has a gold border marking it's special status, and they may be redeemed for a matching Felted C_Bunny (IRL!).

The redemption process requires you to submit: 1) Proof of ownership (a small specific value transaction from the wallet that holds the Golden C_Bunny that will be returned to you minus network fees) and 2) A mailing address (does not need to be your home address). Once a Felted C_Bunny has been claimed, the associated Asset ID and artwork will be posted on our website and Discord and marked as claimed.

Technical Details

  • Blockchain
  • Policy ID
  • Mint Day
    18 March 2022 - 03:00 PM UTC
  • Contact Email
  • Price
    50 ADA
  • Total Assets
  • Litepaper
  • Whitepaper

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