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About Cardano Bugs

This project was founded by three brothers on a mission to build on the cardano blockchain. We have chosen cardano because we are very familiar with the blockchain and have built strong roots within it. The people and community we have met have become like family to us!

We have a very talented team ready to bring you unique art with utility to back it up. We aim to do our best in developing our project and making sure everything runs smooth.

Our mission is to create a community that focuses its core values on kindness, trustworthiness, determination and above all honesty.

We believe a strong community that will last should have all these qualities and we also strongly resonate with them in our personal life.

If you can relate to these core values you are welcomed to become part of the bug squad!

Technical Details

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    17 March 2022 - 11:00 PM UTC
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  • Price
    65 ADA
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