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About Cardano Proxies

Stunning high-fidelity artworks crafted individually, seasoned with soul, a mission; assembled with a blend of variety with over 200 accessories, all with connections to characters, only on Cardano blockchain.

Partake in community networks and gain access to information & discussions in verified channels. Chat with people with the same interests and learn how to create your own journey in Cardano blockchain.

The breath-taking Proxies are 5 enchanting, alluring women that have been illustrated with the intent to mesmerise. With the help of our “beehive” system Proxies will help in 5 major areas: art, healthcare, crypto, Cardano tech and environment.

Combining the community's tech brains, we gravitate toward Cardano ecosystem development. Our next big thing is a system, inside our Discord server, that allows members to tip each other for provided help in Proxies unique currency.

Technical Details

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    30 April 2022 - 04:00 PM UTC
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  • Price
    100 ADA
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