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1000 uniquely generated rooms We are dropping new room types every month. These room types will never re-appear so collecting is crucial for building up your castle. Our first 50 are Gen0 rooms, these rooms have special perks such as future whitelisting privilege, custom airdrops & other perks! All other 950 rooms will be Gen1.

Once, long ago, a beautiful castle was built at the top of a hill in the northern part of the world.

The castle was built to house the king and queen of the kingdom. It was to serve two purposes, however: The first was to be the summer home of the monarchs, but the second was to be a highly defensible fortress, able to defend against incursions from the other kingdoms that surrounded it.

For years, the castle was only used for the first purpose. The king and queen visited every summer, and they grew to love the castle and the surrounding land. Eventually, the king and queen passed on, and their son became the new king. He took to visiting with his queen as well.

By that point, not all was well in the kingdom. The neighbouring realms, which had been defeated back during the first king’s reign, had gathered their strength once more. A great invasion was soon launched, and the castle was called upon to serve its second purpose, that of a great defensive barrier.

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