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About Chains of War – Genesis Mount Collection

While the regime of the Duxa Empire rules the oxygen deprived world of Tyrrha with an iron fist, a young Hadaki miner discovers a mystical device that sets him on a path that could change the fate of his people.

Chains of War is building a neo-fantasy world on the Cardano blockchain. The world of Tyrrha is inhabited by various species and shaped by historical events, cultural complexities, social structures and macro-economic systems. Follow the journey of the Talisman as the world of Tyrrha is revealed.

The world of Tyrrha is being created with a rich lore, 2D and 3D artworks, macroeconomics, social structures, heroes and foes, all based on epic sagas as told in the books of Chains of War. We aim to create a solid foundation and thriving fanbase, after which blockchain functionalities, such as asset holder rewards, hero modification, role-playing / gamification, tokenization & merchandising will conceivably be integrated.

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