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About Chronicles Of Dragonverse

There was a time when Dragons reigned across different continents of the Earth. They were among the most powerful creatures of the Planet. They belonged to numerous families, but there were 5 most prominent families of dragons, and those 5 families have been in constant war with each other.

These 5 families of Dragons had the ability to breed and hence were known as "Originals Dragons". A catastrophic climate change became the dragon’s deadliest adversary and they eventually went extinct. The current technological generation thinks that Dragons have been extinct for over 100 million years. Recently a group of explorers who go by the name "Elders" discovered that 5 eggs from the Original families of Dragons had survived and with time had been geologically deposited around different regions of earth.

We are aware that everyone has distinct motives for being in NFT-space. Some are Gaming enthusiasts, while others are in the space to make gains as investors, yet others simply want to acquire mesmerizing art. Here the team at "Dragonverse" has a long-term goal of building up a platform where everyone gets what they desire. Our objective is to develop a P2E game where our holders can hatch, breed, and battle their dragons while earning rewards.

We will ensure that all the incremental values are delivered to our holders via access of future air drops. Every piece of art dropped in our "Dragonverse" would be enthralling and worthy of holding. We believe that by bringing both P2E game and art we can form up a strong community

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