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About Claypez

Claypez are a family of 6000 hand crafted and uniquely generated clay apes with additional utility, stored on the Cardano Blockchain. The idea of Claypez came to life as we combined the two things we love: Clay and apes.

Claypez are the clayziest ape family on the Cardano Blockchain. All 6000 Claypez are hand crafted with clay and randomly generated. Be part of the family! Now!

You simply have to send 70 ADA for one Claype NFT to the wallet address which you will see on our minting website on mint day. You are able to mint up to 2 Claypez per transaction. There will be a total of 1350 WL spots available. Nobody has to grind for WL spots since every spot is handpicked. Just be active in our Discord, support us on Twitter and have nice conversations with other community members. We are also hosting funny games on Discord and do giveaways where you can win a WL spot!

If you have a WL spot, you will be able to access the mint 1 hour earlier than the public.

Technical Details

  • Blockchain
  • Policy ID
  • Mint Day
    07 May 2022 - 06:00 PM UTC
  • Contact Email
  • Price
    70 ADA
  • Total Assets
  • Litepaper
  • Whitepaper

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