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About Colony Project – Pandora Treasure Chest

The Colony Project is a project from Under Colony Labs backed by small VCs to make a high-quality project in Cardano that revolves around UTILITY. Colony Labs are Web3 Based company to make innovations in the Cardano ecosystem, not just an NFT-based company. we are making innovations that will be useful in the future in the Cardano ecosystem.

The Colony Project revolves around Colony’s Dao. with 3 Types of Species. Icy DAO, Primates DAO, and Ethereals DAO. Each Colony has its own economy to grow, Each Species has a separate DAO System. Each PFP, Armory, and Family Scrolls has their own VOTING power for what will happen next for the project growth.

The PFP collection has a level System to upgrade certain traits. Why Traits level is important and Upgrades? Traits have Power and armory level.

Staking system will make your Traits Upgrade to low% rarity.

For example, you have 50% mouth traits. the upgrade will make your NFT chance to gain RARE traits like 0.01% this can trigger with NFT Levels Staking and Treasures or Weapons,

Technical Details

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    17 October 2022 - 02:00 PM UTC
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    25 ADA
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