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The nostalgic heartwarming music grew louder as the Ice-Cream Van rolled over the hill and into view, coughing and spluttering dark purple smoke, leaving behind it a melted ice-cream mess.

The girls stopped jumping in excitement and stared, eyes and mouths open wide. This ice-cream van was not like the one they remembered; something was off.

The van was beaten up and dirty, the driver's door window was dark and covered, and on top of the van...sat something that looked like a large ICECREAM CANNON!

Suddenly, something caught the corner of their eyes. A small shadow scampered along near the tree line. Elyza crept up to the trees and peeked into the bushes, Alexia peering over her shoulder. A small furry little critter looked up at them with scared little eyes. It was a tiny little hedgehog...DISGUISED AS ICE-CREAM!

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    01 April 2022 - 08:00 PM UTC
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