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About Dope Dogs | Pre Sale

Dope Dogs are a collection of 4,000 Dog NFTs coming to the Cardano blockchain. Owning a Dope Dog opens you up to exclusive members-only benefits including; Zombification, Potential Metaverse Collab, Discord Benefits and more. Check out our whole roadmap for a detailed breakdown.

700 Dogs from our collection will be minted on the 10th April. 300 will be reserved for whitelist, The remaining 380 for public sale and 20 for the project’s own wallet.

About Artist:

I am the sole artist of Dope Dog’s I have been in crypto since 2018, Hold a few Eth NFT’s but mostly Cardano NFTs. Completely self taught artist and I drew all the Dope Dog’s myself including our logo or any banners you see. My first CNFT was Baby Alien Club and since those times my collection has grown to include projects like; Chilled Kongs, Degen Crypto Club, Derp Birds, Clumsy Ghosts, Ada Goats and more! I am more of a holder not a flipper and I simply tend to buy art I like to look at. I have a lot of experience in online marketing as well as some experience in development. I also happen to be able to draw pretty well.

I am self employed as a marketer for online business, Have a bachelors degree in marketing, Live with my fiancé and our eight fish. My passions include; Drawing, Boxing, Hanging out with friends and family, Hiking, Going to the gym and buying jpegs.

Technical Details

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    10 April 2022 - 09:00 PM UTC
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    65 ADA
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