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About Eggscape Club

Eggscape Club is a collection of 10K Easter Eggs living on the Cardano blockchain. Eggscape Club consists of 25 legendary eggs inspired by cartoons, anime, movies, games and etc, and 9975 easter eggs. As some of the eggs will have hidden features and we probably need a longer time to discover them therefore we name our NFT as an easter egg.

We will be giving passive income to all the Eggscape club holders. 25% from secondary market sales royalties will be distributed to the Eggscape Club members while 25% into the treasury wallet, 50% goes to the Eggscape developer team. The 25% that goes to the treasury wallet will be used for future business development to gain MORE PROFIT for all Eggscape club holders.

Join our journey as Eggscape Club Easter Egg and break free from conventional. Join Eggscape Club to be part of our company holders and enjoy incentives in all kinds of future projects of Eggscape Club: CNFT, physical store business, real estate and etc.

Technical Details

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    22 March 2022 - 12:00 AM UTC
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    25 ADA
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