Filthy Rich Horses – The Last Gallop

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About Filthy Rich Horses – The Last Gallop

You're enjoying dinner when there's a sharp knock on your door. "It's open," you say. "Come in." A succession of immaculately dressed racing jockeys troops from your foyer into your kitchen. They pass a card from manicured hand to manicured hand, which they place delicately before you on your dining room table.

Each one of their silk outfits is more flamboyant than the last. And what else does it say on that card—embossed in velvet and inlaid with lapis filigree? It says that a new standard for lavish excess has been set. It says that whatever's on the other side of the door goes well beyond the bounds of good taste. It says there's a party, and you're invited.

Filthy Rich Horses' original mint of 10 000 PFPs combines painstakingly drawn illustrations with hand-coded algorithms for the absolute premium in artisanally generated Cardano NFTs.

Technical Details

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    15 March 2022 - 08:00 PM UTC
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    80 ADA
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