Jelly Bellies: Series 1 - Beings of the Land

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About Jelly Bellies: Series 1 - Beings of the Land

Jelly Bellies are funky humanimal NFTs living on the Cardano blockchain. They represent humans as the animals we are, living naturally in their primal state. Each is uniquely generated with animal features and elements of nature specific to the regions they reside in Land (drop 1), Sea (drop 2), Air (drop 3).

There will be 2500 Jelly Bellies in each drop, a total of 7500. Each drop will feature completely unique art by Kfez (no repeating body types or assets) and will only be scheduled once the previous drop has sold out. Drops will be separated into Beings of the Land, Creatures of the Sea, and Animals in the Air.

We will be donating 2500 ADA from each drop with full transparency to organizations dealing with issues surrounding land, sea, and air preservation. That is 7500 ADA total towards saving our planet.

We want to preserve the earth’s natural environments to ensure future generations of all creatures are able to thrive!

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    20 March 2022 - 07:00 PM UTC
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