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About Jetplane

Built on the Cardano blockchain, Jetplane DAO is building an airbase to accelerate the launch of hundreds of Crypto, NFT and Web3 projects. Our collection of 5,625 CNFTs are about to take flight, this is your ticket to join early stage Web3 projects.

Jetplane is a Distributed Autonomous Organisation (DAO) and community owned by its members (Officers) with the purpose of starting, supporting and nurturing projects (Missions) and technologies across the Web3 landscape through focused competing groups (Squadrons).

Officers hold a designated rank within their commissioned Squadron that inform their access, role and rewards within the squadron. Officers may be promoted by either outstanding performance or dedication to the cause.

Squadrons are subsections (sub-DAO's) of Jetplane focused on a particular area of Web3, Crypto or NFT's.

The purpose of each squadron is to democratically allocate and grow the bundle of resources assigned to it. The investments and projects must be in alignment with their mission parameters - each squadron has a different aspect of Web3 to focus on.

Technical Details

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    06 July 2022 - 04:00 PM UTC
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    100 ADA
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