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Keyboard Warriors Internet Café We’ve created a collection of the ultimate nostalgia based Keyboard Warrior Internet café CNFTs designed by commercial street artist JESWRI he has over 26k followers on Instagram, these artworks give you access to our online Internet cafes, exhibitions, merch drops, and so much more.

Doxxed team – artist with real life brand has done recent collabs with Converse, adidas and Dell Our project has two parts 1) Keyboard warrior (Avatar) ticket to get into the ultimate clubhouse 2. Internet café (the Metaverse clubhouse) we are building these to go into multiple Metaverses! The ultimate hangout (like Internet cafes use to be as we grew up) The concept of the art is 80s neo Tokyo vibes (old tech as the foundation and loads of nostalgia) Pokémon, Star Wars, back to the future and all the cool things we grew up with

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    27 November 2022 - 05:00 PM UTC
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