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About Lost Civz

Lost Civz is our debut collection on the Cardano blockchain featuring 4000 editions of unique mummies waiting to be dug up by your hands.

This collection contains over 120+ artifacts using our rarity system, given randomly to our wallet holders. Take a chance, you might just discover some old and forgotten treasures..

Lost Civz is a treasury of CNFTs that capture bygone eras in a retro and fun pixel format. Our debut collection, 'Egyptian Civilisation' features over 4,000 NFTs! Now, that's a load of bodies to dig up - so roll up your sleeves and grab a shovel!

Glad you asked! Verified Lost Civz holders will be eligible for airdrops, competitions, collaborations and giveaways. Concerning our royalties, they will be going into our community chest - which will be utilized by holder voting and community events! We'd like to get people involved by presenting ideas and letting the community decide which branch we should be heading towards, whether it be continuing our 'Egyptian Civilisation' collection with extra collectibles, or even building a new civilisation!

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    22 April 2022 - 05:00 PM UTC
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    40 ADA
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