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About Lucky Lions

Lucky Lions is a collection of 8888 generated NFTs in the Cardano blockchain. You are able to claim a Lion by minting or purchasing via secondary marketplaces.

The founder is from Singapore (which means Lion City) and it is something that we want to hold dearly to our hearts. Our team consists of others from all around the world as well! We start off with creating a 2D Rester art which are very popular among NFT projects, that are inspired by other projects (not affiliated with any of them) BUT still have unique traits only from us.

The Community Wallet is something that we will work heavily on. We are going to build up a wallet that potentially invests on:
– Cardano NFTs
– Metaverse lands (Pavia etc.)
– Cardano Alt Tokens ($SUNDAE, $PAVIA)
– Participate in Tokens Farming

Technical Details

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  • Mint Day
    14 April 2022 - 06:00 AM UTC
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  • Price
    38 ADA
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