Magic Ape Balls

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About Magic Ape Balls

8,888 hand drawn interactive fortune telling apes, with a magic 8 ball style fortune teller game built in! Learn your Crypto fortune by asking your magic Ape and receive an answer right in the NFT!

Magic apes will be a club with an owners only portal, and custom Cardano domains for each holder! And that’s just the beginning of the Utility. As you are aware, there are already SO many ape and animal PFP NFTs out there. It’s seriously way overplayed.

But, the majority of people don’t realize the true potential of NFT’s. Projects like Unsigned_Algorithms, Aw0k3n, and Cardano Trees have shown the next step, but have been buried by the volume of PFP projects.

We are combining the best of the stereotypical PFP project with the potential of interactive projects. So this project will have truly great art hosted like traditional NFTs in order to attract the “masses”

But built on top of that is an interactive fortune teller game that you can interact with right on the NFT. This will allow those masses to experience a truly interactive and on-chain NFT and hopefully open the world of on-chain and blockchain specific NFT’s to a wider audience.

Technical Details

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    25 November 2022 - 11:55 AM UTC
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    70 ADA
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