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About MetAliens VR Club

MetAliens are a highly developed civilization living in The Milky Way. After lots of sleepless nights and long conversations, we finally convinced them to explore the Earth C-137 and specifically explore CNFT space. Our mission with this project is to create the first Virtual Reality game of Cardano NFTs and to establish a connection between two concepts. MetAliens offers a utility that contains virtual experiences and an innovative perspective that embraces the future. We strongly believe that the way of the future goes through Virtual Reality and NFTs.

MetAliens are heavily inspired by the creativity of the newest technologies. Furthermore, MetAliens is and always will be up to date and adapt to the newest trends and technologies. Lastly, even though they are more advanced creatures than humans, they had a positive first impression of humans, but they had even better impressions of cats.

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    23 April 2022 - 04:00 PM UTC
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