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About Musashino Art CNFT

Musashino Art NFT is a new generation Art Studio which produce Digital Art, NFTs, and various Collectible Art in the Metaverse. We are a group of illustrators and 3D Artist which love to explore various Art genre in the digital space.

Haleem Art series is the first Art collection from Musashino. It is a 9900 algorithmically generated Abstract Art NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain.

At 50% sold out, we will start to build the 3D Mini Museum NFT. This will be a free Companion NFT to all Musashino Art NFT holders.

At 75% sold out, we will start to build a Musashino Metaverse, which will be a Virtual Art Gallery.

At 100% sold out, after we deliver the free Museum NFT & Musashino Metaverse (Virtual Art Gallery). We will plan for MusashinoART series 2, if the community response is good.

Technical Details

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    03 November 2022 - 09:00 AM UTC
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    80 ADA
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