Mystic Beasts: Beast Master Series

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About Mystic Beasts: Beast Master Series

The Hunt Begins
From the darkest corners of the world, legends of mythical beasts have been told since ancient times. A fabled group of hunters is dispatched into the unknown wilds to dispel these myths, but what they find will shake them to their very core and change the world forever.

Collect your hunters, build your party, and venture forth to hunt and capture Mystic Beasts!

The Mystic Beasts NFT Collection a series of phased releases of hunting party members and undiscovered beasts.

The first release features the Beast Master, the leader of your hunting party. Comprised of 3500 one-of-a-kind NFTs, each Beast Master has a unique combination of attributes that determine its rarity and influence your luck in future hunts, expeditions, and airdrops. New hunting party members will be released to bolster your team, increase hunt success, and provide access to unique rewards.

For every new beast that is discovered, 1500 one-of-a-kind NFTs will be released, each with a unique combination of attributes that determine it's rarity. Prior to each beast drop, the most successful hunters will receive exclusive airdrops based on their NFT rarity.

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