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About OOZ1ES 3D

All of my projects are designed to build the world of Anti.biz if other projects are doing something it’s more than likely I will do the opposite. As I don’t like to do what has been done before.

NFTs / block chain is just one small aspect of the business. The business Anti.biz is about creating art, games, toys, fashion. Basically carving out our own little corner in the world for people to enjoy. Space Babez is one of many parts of the world I am trying to build. This world will be even better with all of the additional parts. Space Babez is one part and will be greater with the other parts. Just know I am creating and investing every dollar I make back into this world. The snowball is growing and moving faster by the day. I have not stopped working for everyone who has invested into me.

I will be working building this world daily every day, 7 days a week till I die. Rest a sure this will be the most epic brand that has come around for a very long time. The take over is already in progress. Everything I promise will happen and a lot more that I didn’t promise will happen on top of that. Underpromise over deliver. If I have to fight with people everyday it takes away my time. Please be patient I’m am constantly posting updates when I have something new to share. Please check the boneyard. Just know all support goes to increasing the value of my projects you hold.

You’re going to have the first NFT / comic combo of Space Babez before the policy locks 10/31/2022 just know that and be patient. Things take time to build and find solutions to. Everything has a purpose. Every project leads to the next bigger project. If you want games and metaverses you gotta start small and work up to it. I don’t believe in taking a million dollars for some land parcels and promising a world. I much rather build an epic brand and have a top gaming studio collaborate with me to build it, similar to how deadmau5 made their metaverse.

Technical Details

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    01 April 2022 - 05:00 PM UTC
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    20 ADA
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