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About ORBattalion

ORBattalion is a high quality, 3D rendered CNFT series and launchpad for a 360° comedy animation brand. An exclusive 22 page digital comic and a 2.5 minute 3d animated trailer will be provided to agent holders on a first view basis, alongside exclusive merchandise.

ORBattalion is a multiple platform animation brand following an ‘Elite Battalion of Black Op Eco Warriors’ whose mission it is to… ‘Save the Ocean and all those that depend on her’! As a comedy series beyond the NFT mint, we’re committed to sharing the brand through a 90 minute animated feature film, a series of 2.5 minute shorts, a TV series of 26 x 22min episodes, XR graphic novels, online games and apps.

The Creative Team behind ORBattalion are featured on the dedicated website https://orbattalion.com and between them have 60+ years of TV and Film making experience! Credits include: Thunderbirds, Tarzan, Johnny Bravo, Scooby Doo….and more! Locate 1 of 12 ‘Golden Agents’ and have your unique collectible feature as a character in the TV series and Feature film. Have you got the ORBS to join the Battalion?

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    25 October 2022 - 06:30 PM UTC
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    170 ADA
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