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About OsmiumDAO

Osmium DAO represent a risk managed treasury owned by the community. Osmium DAO aims to create a sustainable, perpetual treasury owned directly by the token holders, governed by OsmiumShare NFT holders. The DAO also aims to grow the treasury and pay out dividends in perpetuity. Finally, the DAO plans to educate the broader crypto community on the benefits of risk managed, diversified portfolio management in a decentralized way.

Osmium DAO will be governed by the OsmiumShare NFT holders, who have at least minimum required amount of OSM tokens. NFT holders are responsible for adding and removing members from the Board, and participating in working groups to help move the DAO foward.

Board members are responsible for all DAO actions, with the exception of treasury management. The board will be able to create necessary working groups for education, community outreach, marketing, fund raising and other necessary tasks. The board is also responsible for adding and removing members from the Investment Committee (IC).

IC members have one sole responsibility, treasury management. They will be investing the treasury into different tokens, DeFi strategies, RealFi strategies, token liquidity management, and making decisions around distributions to token holders as approved by the community.

Token holders are the claimants on the treasury. The treasury is owned by them, managed by the IC. If the treasury is voted to be dissolved (by the NFT holders ), the treasury will be distributed pro-rata to the token holders. If the pioneers decide to distribute any amount of treasury value, this value will be distributed pro-rata to token holders.

Osmium DAO is community driven. There are no restrictions to owning OSM Tokens, buying OsmiumShare NFTs, being a board member or member of the IC. All are welcome to join, learn and grow with us.

Technical Details

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    04 February 2023 - 01:00 PM UTC
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    107 ADA
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