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About Phoenix Arena

The story of Phoenix Arena is the time-old tale of a few quirky souls whose fates intertwine, the friendships that are formed, and the journey that unfolds as together they set forth to slay dragons; as true for the characters of Phoenix Arena as it is for us, the development team.

Phoenix Arena is a play-to-earn NFT game utilizing the Cardano blockchain. Players can purchase NFTs that provide utility as both PFPs as well as in-game assets. Step forth into the world of the interstellar Cao Wari empire, build up your character, rise up the ranks by battling in the arena, and get rewarded for your efforts with our native Wari token.

There will never be more. It will be delivered upon purchase from the drop. But, in addition to the PFP, once a usable version of the game is released, owners of the PFP NFTs will have the option of redeeming the items in their PFP NFTs as individual NFTs.

As with RPGs in general, these items and any other items you own can then be used with a character identity (this will also be in the form of an NFT) to compose your character with the caveat that each NFT can be equipped by 1 character identity at a time.

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    15 April 2022 - 06:00 PM UTC
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