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In spite of the high stakes faced by humanity in the 21st century, life went on peacefully. Technological progress continued to reach heights never before imagined. This gave an incredible comfort of life to the humans of the planet Earth.

This progress was made possible by the takeover of nations and large religious groups by huge digital and tech giants. By a tacit economic agreement, they agreed to destroy all identity and cultural differences between their people, in order to create a huge global market where everyone is "equal" and can trade freely with each other. Wealth gaps widened dramatically during this period.

The rise of the medical tech field greatly extended and improved the lives of human beings. Diseases were eradicated, as well as handicaps, hereditary diseases, less attractive morphologies, etc. Cloning technologies had a relatively positive impact on the planet at first.

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    16 April 2022 - 06:00 PM UTC
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    65 ADA
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