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Wars, Global Warming, depletion of natural resources, income inequality, the dilemma facing earth spiralled out of control over the 21st Century. Researchers across the globe tried to find the “Silver Bullet” or “Ideal Solution” but it was just too late.

It became evident that earth had only a finite amount of time- beyond it all living organisms would cease to exist. The only option for human race to survive was to find a second home.

This led to the first Joint Programme for Space Exploration titled PROJECT E.T.L.I.S. (Extra Terrestrial Life Sustainability). The brightest minds were hand-picked to search the vast blanket of our universe and find another Earth or “Earth 2”. After exploring for many years, an exoplanet was discovered a few lightyears away situated in the habitable zone– we called the exoplanet “Terra”. Nevertheless, it was not clear if human life would flourish on the planet or if there were any living organisms present.

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    18 June 2022 - 03:00 PM UTC
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